Dear everybody,

It is time again for the seasonal hike of the VAC! We will meet on Saturday, 1.06.2019 and go together to the beautiful Walensee area close to Zurich. There we will enjoy the scenic route between Mattstock and Fluegenspitz with a hike of approximately 3.5 hours.
Everybody interested is more than welcome to join our hiking tour. We will start from Zurich HB (meeting in front of the big clock in the main hall) at 9:00 and going to Amden by train. We will then return to Zurich approximately at 18:00.

If you would like to join the hike, please sign up here. In case the weather is bad or anything else happens, you will be notified by email.

About the hike track:

By public transport:

  • Going there: Start 9:00 at Zurich HB under the big clock (Meeting Point) – 11:00 Amden arrival
  • Going home: 16:18 Arvenbuel – 17:48 Zurich HB

All the best,

Dan & Benjamin

PS.: Who is the VAC? Actually that is you! We are the Union of the Assistants at the Chemical Labs of ETH Zurich. This include PhD students, Postdocs and scientific staff, which is represented by the VAC. But we do not only represent you in the ETH, there are plenty of different activities like career events or social events, where you can connect with your coworkers.

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