Confidential mediation service for scientific staff and students of D-CHAB.

Founded in 2020, the D-CHAB Helpdesk is a safe space to ask questions and to share your concerns in a strictly confidential environment. We assist in mediation and provide answers to department- or employment-related questions. We are here to support you in difficult times.

Who are we?

We are volunteers from both the Union of the Assistants at the Chemical Labs of ETH (VAC) and the Pharmaceutical Scientists’ Association (PSA), both associations belonging to the D-CHAB. You may find a list of people to contact on the D-CHAB Homepage.

Our purpose

At the D-CHAB Helpdesk, we aim to help you finding solutions in early stages of conflicts on academic, administrative or personal issues.

We would be happy to help answering any question you might have regarding rights and working condition regulation by ETH and/or Swiss government. We can provide you with information and refer you to the appropriate centers if more specialized help is needed. No action will be taken all along the process without your prior consent. We are here to listen and support, in a confidential way.


Feel free to contact us!

Contact any of our volunteers via e-mail to setup a face-to-face confidential conversation or write your question directly in the email.

Other services that might be helpful

If you would be more comfortable with asking your questions to an outsider of the department, you can write your email to the AVETH counsellors. You can contact the peer-to-peer Counselling service when you need advice or just a talk about anything professional or personal related.

Counselling service provided by AVETH   

The ombudspersons offer advice on the following topics: workplace conflict and conflict involving instructors. Whistle blowing in case of suspected illegal action by members of ETH Zurich. Other cases of breaches of ETH Zurich’s compliance guide.

The trusted intermediaries serve as contact persons for all questions of research integrity. Some examples include: authorship conflicts, suspected plagiarism in scientific publications, falsification and fabrication of data, problems with sharing data or handing them over when leaving ETH Zurich, conflicts of interest, insufficient support for junior scientist (in collaboration with the vice rector of doctoral studies).

You can contact the Professional Psychological Counseling Service that provides professional counselling for students and doctoral students. These services are not available for postdocs.

If you are bothered by bullying, harassment and discrimination, you can contact the specialized unit within ETH concerned with mutual respect or the specialist unit SSHE: Threats and violence, and external advice centre: Bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Respect campaign contact
SSHE campaign contact
Advice centre contact

“Nightline Zurich is an independent help-line from students for students of ETH, UZH and other academic institutions in Zurich like ZHAW, ZHdK and PHZH. You can reach us anonymously and confidentially during the semester from monday to friday 20.00-24.00 by phone and via e-mail or chat at “ written on

Call nightline 044 633 77 77
Contact nightline

If you just started your doctoral studies or you are just low on social environment, you can contact the buddy system and they can provide you with some friendly students to talk and have a coffee with. This network of people provides a social environment to eliminate isolation from your life. As a doctoral student you can also contact the buddysystem provided by AVETH which is based on the same system.

AVETH buddysystem                           

More emails and websites will follow later amongst others the legal help.