Unfortunately, due to the ETH guidelines concerning the Corona outbreak, use of the VAC lounge for social events has been suspended until further notice.

“Based on current knowledge, large gatherings of people at social occasions indoors are among the most risky situations for the transmission of the coronavirus: keeping to the rules on physical distancing is often difficult and there is an increased risk of infection when eating and drinking. As a result, no events may be held on ETH property until the end of August at least. By then, the situation will be reassessed and adjustments made where appropriate.”

From ETH Corona Homepage


On top of the 2nd finger of the HCI building, the VAC has had a Lounge installed.

In summer, it is ideal for all kinds of aperos, e.g. after PhD defenses. It can be booked by any person from the D-CHAB. To check the availability of the lounge, have a look at the calendar (We try to update this as often as possible, but it can happen that the most recent reservations are not yet up-to-date).


To book the VAC Lounge, first fill in the form available online (search for “Anlässe” and use the form “Veranstaltungen”) to obtain the permission from ETH Immobilien to stay at the VAC Lounge. There are two forms – please choose “Kleinanlässe“.

Once you have obtained this permission, contact our loungemaster to confirm your booking and to make sure you can receive the keys.
The rent of the lounge costs 30 CHF and there is a deposit of 200 CHF to give when you receive the keys from us.
Included in the rent is the use of the BBQ (gas is provided) as well as our Blockrocker, so you can provide some background music for your event.


In short: if you’d like to rent the lounge – have a look in the calendar and contact our Loungemaster.